Welcome to In Principle Magazine, the online news and information source for the Early Support community in the Midlands. The magazine is now updated with news as it happens. We’ll still be compiling regular updates in Newsletter style, and the best of receiving these is by subscribing.

This free online resource brings you the latest news from the Early Support family across the East and West of the region, and important national developments and stories, including those from Early Support HQ.

We aim to cater for professionals and families, and include a mix of news, opinion, features and opportunities. We can only do this if you keep us informed, so if there’s anything that you’d like included, let us know.

In Principle Magazine is edited by Dave Howard for Signpost Inclusion CIC. It is an independent publication dedicated to advocating on behalf of the Early Support agenda in the Midlands.

You recognised and expressed a need to share good practice and ideas from around the Midlands and this online publication is one of several solutions. This Magazine will help share ideas, ask questions, foster debate and influence the national agenda. The subscriber is growing and we hope that you will encourage others to sign up to receive notification of new issues.

We need to work together to ensure that Early Support For Children Young People And Families is foremost in the minds of policy-makers and opinion formers; the more voices there are working to this end the harder our principles and approach will be to ignore.

We also hope that In Principle will be a vehicle for discussion, debate and the sharing of good news and best practice. The ideas that we grow from our collective brain will support us to develop really innovative and successful outcomes whether it is within the public, private or voluntary sector.

So, get in touch with responses, comments, corrections, announcements, and to let us know what’s happening in your part of the Early Support world. We’re looking forward to the sharing and the advocacy.

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